Keysigning Party

Informal Method Party


The most common type of keysigning party is the informal party. For an informal party, no coordination is necessary other than announcing a time and date. Individuals bring their key information and what they feel to be sufficient proof of their identity.


Informal parties are easy to coordinate and are simplistic in their nature. They can be easily announced at the last minute and therefor can easily be associated with another event which may attract members of the cryptography community such as technical conferences or civil liberty events. Examples, are technical conferences, LAN parties, science fiction conventions, and technical standards working group meetings.


Ideally, you should bring small pieces of paper with your name and pgp key fingerprint on them to hand out to people. Many people now have their PGP key fingerprint printed on the back of their business card along with the address of a preferred keyserver where people can download an up to date key. They also often include a small “verified” checkbox that someone can mark if they choose to check identification.

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